From the very ancient times humans had to face and deal with danger because he was under constant attack from his environment, animals as well as other human beings. The struggle to survive in life made him invent methods of combat. These combat were armed and sometimes unarmed, the unarmed combat of offense and defense gradually evolved into the martial arts that we know today as fighting techniques. At first they were crude attempts at hitting back but later came the first masters who gradually laid down a few rules of combat. These rules gradually become more sophisticated under the inspiration and experience of the masters. Every country in the world has its native martial arts which is the sign of the evolution of its unarmed combat. The martial arts kept on developing and improving gradually, the focus shifting from mere physical combat to improving one’s mental abilities, approach and understanding of the human nature as well as a way of life.

The traditional method of training in Karate-Do preserves the true essence of martial arts which is training keeping in mind the realistic situation to save oneself in life and death situation. But in today's world the danger to humans is less physical and more emotional and intellectual. The aim of martial arts is not only to defend oneself but also to look into oneself and analyze one’s own potential and weaknesses. So you can study your own ability and enhance your potential and battle against your weaknesses with full sincere efforts. Though outwardly it retains its physical expression and hitting out, the main focus is internal as the martial artists today have rightly pointed out, the enemy is really within oneself. Hence the stress on discipline and hard training are all directed towards the development of the self by enhancing the positive values and eliminating the negativity residing inside us. This will help to improve oneself physically and mentally.

Martial art teaches us that brute force though apparently strong can be overcome by the greatest strength the martial artist has in him, as his confidence. This confidence is developed by rigorous training and strict discipline in following "THE WAY". Real confidence also inspires humility and good moral values. Facing an adversary Karate teaches us to take "Kamae" on guard position in preparation for fight. This "Kamae" is internalized by the martial artist against its own weakness to overcome them. One of great masters of Karate-Do Gichin Funakoshi said that “The ultimate aim of Karate lies not in Victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants’.

The ancient martial arts were based on real life and death situations which are the reality of the art. Hence the martial arts always remain real discipline for mind, body and spirit.

"Thus one becomes a martial artist in the truest sense of the word."

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