Self Defense tips for Women

Self Defense has been always essential at any era to save oneself. To train in Martial arts are the best way to learn to defend oneself. But what and how to train? What to train is very important. Women do join short term courses and after learning few moves and tricks feel that they are able to defend one. Having faith on moves and tricks shall never lead you to defend yourself and it is just going to give you an idea how to save. Without proper training is like going in battle with guns but no bullets.
We strongly feel and firmly believe that every girl child or women should spend an average time giving importance to “Self Defense”.
Education is important to lead a successful career and martial arts important to survive for career.
We have experience of 18 years in teaching martial arts to the people of various age groups in India and abroad.
We have come upon to the following facts which everyone should work upon for self defense.

1. Keep yourself physically fit.
2. Analyze your own weaknesses and work upon to eliminate it.
3. Learn martial arts skills thoroughly and apply practically in training. Remember the way you train the way you will fight. (Only learning is not enough but applying it).
4. Learn the additional methods of avoiding confrontation (Highest martial arts skills are to win a battle without using martial arts).
5. Believe and trust in one-self. (It will only come if you are able and strong).
6. The most important is using your common sense and presence of mind.

Only learning skills shall not help you and at the same time you should also learn how to use, when to use and to tackle the situation with ease. Remember negative elements of the society are not weak and we have to face and win them. For this you need to prepare well. Don’t try to dig the well when it’s raining. But prepare before it is going to rain. Learn the “Self Defense” before something happens and not after something happens.

Here are few self defense tips which are tested and proven.


Always wear comfortable clothes so you can move around easily in time of need.
Never show your appearance as confused, tensed or afraid. Try to keep yourself keep calm by deep breathing and relaxing your body.
Your inappropriate body language will strengthen your adversaries to overpower you.
In case you are tensed and scared at heart try to appear normal and just try to calm down. Because calm mind always help you take appropriate decisions.
Always avoid dark areas and try to be in busy & lightened areas.
Never trust or show friendly attitude towards unknown persons.
Maintain distance while talking to any stranger on road. If stranger tries to closer the distance then be firm and ask him to stay at distance.
Always travel in a busy vehicle and do not take a lift from unknown person.
Feed the all emergency nos in your mobile always e.g ambulance, police, friends etc. Sometimes you can be also a help for others in emergency.
If someone approaches you against your will and try to overpower you then do not reserve yourself and shout in loudly for help. Even if people don’t come for your help but this will scare your opponent and he realizes that you are not an easy target.
If you are driving vehicle and you doubt that you are being followed by unknown person then drive to nearest police station.
If you are traveling in cab, auto etc. be alert and don’t talk much on mobile phone.


In close combat dirty tricks like scratching the opponents face, biting, pierce the nails, pinching, poking finger into the eyes etc are very effective and can buy time for you to escape.
The best and effective targets in close combat are eyes, throat and groin. Try to attack these areas very hard with all your will commitment.
If you are wearing heels sandal then try to crush his toe or hit the shin depends on your posture.

Punch the throat.
Bite the ears.
Pull the hair
Hit or squeeze your opponent’s groin
At close counter use your elbow to strike face, head.
One can also use their accessories as weapon e.g. keys, pen, hair clip, vegetable, purse mobile etc.

Important Points to be remember: -

Always attack your opponent by surprise but with full commitment and this will make your attacks more successful.
Never show your opponent that you are going to strike or hit him.
If you want to attack then attack with whole will, power and effort as it is your battle to survive or die.
If your opponent is down don’t wait run for help.
Remember you are not there for fight but you need to buy time in fight by your sudden moves and attack so you can run to a safer place.
Use your common sense and trust your instincts.

All we can provide tips for real way of self defense. But practically you need train and prepare yourself.
Preparation for eventualities is the best way to be safe and happy.

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