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Frequently Asked Questions !

What are Martial Arts ?
The term ‘Martial Art’ is derived from Latin, and means "arts of Mars", the Roman god of war. If you translate ‘Martial Arts’ in simple way it means ‘fighting art’. Martial arts are systematized and traditions of combat practices. Mostly every country has its own native martial arts associated with their culture. Martial arts have been an important part of Indian culture as well as Japan and China. For Asians martial art training is to cultivate one’s physical, mental and moral abilities through hard, disciplined and continuous training with patience and compassion.

What does term Karatedo means ?
The term “KARATEDO” was originally introduced in Okinawa to designate “Chinese fighting techniques’. Later Master Gichin Funakoshi introduced ‘KARATE-DO’ from Okinawan Island to mainland Japan and the term ‘KARATE-DO’ was introduced as ‘KARA’ means ‘Empty’, ‘TE’ means ‘Hands’ and ‘DO’ signifies the ‘Philosophical way’. Thus it literally means ‘The way with empty hands’ in Japanese.
In other words ‘Karate is an art which cultivates courage and develops physical and mental health through its diligent practice. In addition Karate training enables an individual to defend himself against physical aggression without relying on weapons’.

How many types of Karate are there ?
Karate has four major schools / styles practiced worldwide which are known as Shotokan, Gojuryu, Wadoryu and Shitoryu. Today there are many sub-divisions within each styles in Japan. Every style has its own way of practice, applications, theory and systems.

What is the difference between sport and traditional karatedo ?
In sport karatedo skills are developed and specifically aimed to obtain effective results in tournaments and events which are governed by rules and regulations.
But traditional karate practice is the specific application of skill in traditional way. Martial art is not a game and should be trained with utmost seriousness. It is essential that a technique should overpower your opponent in life and death situation.

Which is the best or dangerous form of martial arts or styles of Karatedo ?
There is NO best or most dangerous form or martial art of style of Karate-do. It is an individual’s proficiency in his skill / art which makes him/her best. Styles do not fight but people do.

What is the main aim and purpose behind Karatedo training ?
The ultimate aim and purpose behind karate training is not to just excel in physical aspect or martial arts techniques, but to develop an overall development e.g. character, discipline and create peace and harmony in society. Eventually the true essence of Karate training is the attainment of enlightenment.

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