Naresh Sharma started learning Karate at the age of 13. Later his passion took him to travel to birth place of Karate Japan. In Japan he got the opportunity to trained under various world's renowned and best Karate masters of traditional and sports Karate who even created many world karate champions. 

He is internationally acclaimed Karate Instructor and regarded as one of the leading karate sensei (teacher) and international title (Kyoshi) holder from Japan in India. Today he has advanced through the grades to Roku (6th Dan) Blackbelt JKNSK (Japan). Naresh Sharma has taught in various education Institutes, Army personnel, Civilians, Celebrities, Women, Business Professionals and various prestigious organizations. He believes that every person in this world should spend some time of their life in Karate-Do training. He also believes that Karate-Do training is very useful for children in their physical and mental development as well as beneficial for adults in many ways.

Naresh Sharma trains and guides people from all backgrounds and of all aged for their physical, mental and technical development and not for violence. According to Naresh Sharma Karate must be used to maintain peace, harmony and protection and not for violence. His study of martial arts and experience has lead him to believe that through the martial arts one can cultivate a strong body, mind and become a good human being. Learning martial art should be an asset to family, friends, nation, world and not a threat.

He strongly and firmly believes that Karate-Do is a martial art which improves an individual in all ways and is able to change a weak person into a strong and responsible person with a positive attitude towards the world. The students who are receiving training and guidance from Naresh Sharma vary from 3 years to over 70 years. Age is not a barrier or any special ability is required to learn martial arts. All it needs is a strong desire.

Naresh Sharma has been authorized as Chief India Representative and examiner for 'Japan Karate-Do Nobukawa-Ha Shito-Ryu Kai-India Branch' authorized by Soke. Kuniaki Nobukawa (9th Dan JKNSK / Hanshi JKF 8th Dan) and President Yoshiaki Nobukawa of the organization.

Naresh Sharma also founded and is Shihan of Shito-Ryu Karate-Do International Renshikan with the aim of self cultivate and the motto is "Striving for Excellence Always" and to teach the art in its purest form.

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